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Internship Field: Automotive

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Host: Robert Bosch GmbH. Automotive Electronics

Location: Schwieberdingen (Stuttgart area)

Duration: 3 months in summer of 2014


Description: "The topic of my project was climatic effects on automotive electronics. The department works to ensure the reliability of electronic components through testing and simulation. My main duty was to create a user interface in MATLAB that would allow the user to specify driving parameters (time of driving, operating temperatures, etc.) and simulate the climatic changes of an electronic component. The simulator is meant to help engineers quickly determine the performance of these components in different climates around the world.

Outside of my main responsibilities, I helped my department with other tasks, such as soldering and assembly. I enjoyed all of my tasks, despite the challenges. I was able to overcome these challenges and learn a lot in the process, specifically referring to the engineering involved in testing, simulating, and deploying reliable products."

Comments: "Once I realized that this was my task for the summer, I worked hard to make sure that I could reach the goal that I didnít achieve before. Fortunately, I was able to finish the project and deploy it in time to work out the bugs that come along with rolling out an application for the first time. The other rewarding part of the internship was speaking German most of the time. It increased my confidence with the language to be able to work out professional and technical problems in German."

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