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Internship Field: Retail Analytics

Major: Symbolic Systems

Host: POSpulse

Location: Berlin

Duration: 3 months in summer of 2015


Description: "My project was to build a backend tool for the company that would help them harmonize and combine free form text input from their 'scouts,' who collect the data that they analyze. The problem was open ended so I was basically given total free reign over what I was going to build to help solve their problem, from the algorithms used to the design of data management in the system. I was fairly independent in this project so I spent a significant portion of time getting my bearings straight such as figuring out their backend architecture and learning the technologies that they use. At the same time, I spent a lot of time experimenting and testing various ideas, strategies, and algorithms since I was pretty much the only person on the team who had experience with natural language processing."

Comments: "It was rewarding to work in this small startup environment. I learned a lot about the entire process of building a project and I have identified which parts of that I think are worth pursuing in the future. I learned a lot about reading academic papers and finding ways to apply those insights into my project. Furthermore I had to be very mindful of all the relationships between the algorithm I want to pursue and the backend technologies I would have to adopt."

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