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Internship Field: Education, Humanities, Social and Political Sciences, Ethnology

Majors: Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity /German Studies, Linguistics

Host: Fichtelgebirge-Grundschule

Location: Berlin-Kreuzberg

Duration: 3 months, Spring 2000


Description: I observed how the class operated, I participated in activities and helped the teacher with simple tasks. I conducted interviews with all of the children in the class and with several teachers in the school." (The internship provided part of the empirical bais for comparative research on the integration of migrants' children into the educational system.)

Comments: My research has turned out to be very fruitfull. I have learned a lot through conducting my interviews, especially about how to push with certain questions and follow-up. ... I was able to really explore an important aspect of the changing German culture: multicultural elementary education.

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