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Internship Field: Medicine, Alternative Medicine

Major: Biology

Host: Weg der Mitte - Kloster Gerode. Gemeinnütziger Verein für ganzheitliche Gesundheit, Bildung und Soziales

Location: Gerode (Harz)

Duration: 3 months, Summer 2001



Description: "Weg der Mitte - Kloster Gerode" is a non-profit healing center where the co-workers live and work together. This means that everyday care-taking of the buildings and grounds is done by all of the co-workers in addition to their professional duties. The same is for the intern. These "care-taking" duties include, cleaning up after meals, house cleaning, and working in the garden. Specifically as an intern, I asked to be exposed to as much as possible, and therefore worked for lengthier periods in the garden - mainly with fruits and vegetables, in the kitchen helping to prepare the meals, and with the flowers - pruning and picking from the abundance outside and making bouquets to decorate the inside. During my interview I said I would like to take part in the various group sessions, such as Yoga and Relaxation, Intensive Hatha Yoga, Yoga for teaching children, and Healing Days. The sessions were either a weekend or a week long and were extremely interesting, inspiring, and educational. In addition, I could also take part in the daily yoga and meditation for the house and guests."

Comments: My internship exposed me to an incredible variety of fields within the large field of alternative medicine healing (my focus) and has helped me to confirm that I absolutely would like to work with healing and people. Weg der Mitte is also an educational center, and I could continue my education in alternative medicine there after graduation."

NOTE from the internship coordinator: Another recent internship in the field of alternative medine we had at Habichtswald-Klinik AYURVEDA in Kassel.

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