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Internship Field: Corporate Strategy, Public Transportation, Railway

Major: Economics

Host: Deutsche Bahn AG

Location: Berlin

Duration: June – September 2007


Description: For the "Strategie Personenverkehr" department I performed a series of research projects as well as helped with ongoing presentations. The research was done online and then put into PowerPoint. The topics ranged from EU legal issues to mutli-national financing firms. They were chosen because they were pertinent to other projects being pursued by the department.

The ongoing presentations I helped with had to do with entering foreign European markets. This is a very exciting field because of the liberalizing of passenger transport throughout Europe. I helped produce maps, helped with content and format of slides, and even gave advice on what strategy to pursue. Overall, I felt my opinion was respected, heard, and taken seriously.

Comments: My responsibilities were absolutely worthwhile. I think that the topics I pursued with DB will help me further my career in business operations. Working in a strategy department helps you understand the deliberative process when figuring out future options for a firm. I think that the skills I learned will prove relevant to improving all sorts of companies and enterprises."
Personally rewarding: "I made good friends and learned a lot about responsibility, job pace, efficiency, deliberativeness, and most of all PowerPoint.

German language skills: Improved conversational skills but overall level of language knowledge stayed the same.

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