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Internship Field: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Lighting Technology

Major/Minor: Electrical Engineering, German Language and Culture


Location: Berlin

Duration: 2 months in the summer of 2015


Description: "I worked on several tasks:

Developed and analytically solved equations characterizing the current and voltage in a Buck Converter, designed to power 108 LEDs.

Simulated several different Buck Converters in LTspice.

Developed increasingly more sophisticated Digital Control Circuits, which were designed to model the actions of a real world micro-controller as accurately as possible, in LTspice.

Used MATLAB to: mathematically confirm results of LTspice simulations; numerically create large sets of data which would then be analyzed and used to simplify unnecessarily complicated equations; clearly graph the effects of component/input signal variance on the desired output of the Buck Converter.

Began to research for the development of a PFC Boost Converter, which would use Phase Lock Loop (PLL)-based Interleaving. Created a bare-bones control circuit in LTspice to assist fellow intern and adviser."

Comments: "Although the skills and topics were not related to my personal concentration within Electrical Engineering, it did expose me to Electrical Engineering as a profession rather than just a field of study."

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