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Internship Field: Medicine, Epidemiology

Major: Human Biology

Host: Robert Koch-Institut (RKI)

Location: Berlin

Duration: June – September 2007


Description: Internship in the Department for Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Unit for HIV/AIDS and STI "My placement was somewhat special, I do not know that future interns would meet with similar work. But generally, I was assigned a project that I was essentially able to completely develop (although data collection had largely already been done before I arrived). I worked on data entry, along with another colleague, and then moved on to data checking, data characterization, data analysis, and then prepared the results for presentation at a conference and for a newsletter. The final work is currently to prepare for and seek publication of the results. Although I was lucky with the timing of this project, future interns should not count on a solitary project, although I imagine they could expect a good deal of responsibility and trust in whatever team they do work with.

Comments: I was amazed by the amount of responsibility I got the first day, actually. Almost from the very beginning my boss had quite a lot of confidence (even where I did not) in my ability to do this project, present at a conference, and seek publication. [...] I really enjoyed actually that my entire job was in German. It was definitely rough at times, but my colleagues never relented, and I was forced to push through it. I think my German is all the better for it.

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