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Internship Field: Comparative Literature, Education, Humanities, Social and Political Sciences

Major: Symbolic Systems
Minor: Comparative Literature

Host: Jüdisches Gymnasium Berlin

Location: München

Duration: 3 months, Winter 2000


Description: My duties mainly consisted of preparing lessons for, teaching, and evaluating assignments by the 8th grade Gymnasium and 13th grade Enlish "Leistungskurs" classes. One of my projects was to develop an American and British short story unit for the "Leistungskurs". Another was to help evaluate the "Abiturs". Finally, I also helped extensively for the "Schulrat's" visit to assess whether the school was at the appropriate level for administering recognized "Abiturs." (Mi Lee was the last in a row of Stanford students who helped to prepare the first class ever for the Abitur at this new school.)

Comments: I loved the interaction with the students as well as learning about the practice of Judaism in Berlin. I also feel lucky to have worked with my supervisor.

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