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Internship Field: Engineering, Car Industry, Management

Major: Electrical Engineering
Minor: Economics

Host: Volkswagen AG

Location: Wolfsburg

Duration: 3 months in Summer 2006


Description: "My duties included: Communication with Northern and Southern Chinese Joint-Ventures to get a consistent testing plan for the development of a new car.  Making testing plans for cars at various development stages. Ground-level testing coordination. Working with Augmented Reality to create a user-guide.  Also extensive use powerpoint presentations and excel sheets.  The work helped me to understand the complexities of coordination within large projects.  Communication skills and attention to details are important."

Comments: "I had a first-hand insight into the development of two new car models and also got to experience and work with some Augmented Reality. /.../ It was simply great to work in a foreign country and get a first-hand view of how they work. I also appreciate meeting some helpful coworkers who are from diverse backgrounds."

German language skills: "My German somewhat improved, mostly reading and writing. All of my coworkers always tried to speak English to me..."

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