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Internship Field: History, International Relations, Political Science

Major: History

Host: Freie Universität Berlin: Arbeitsstelle Transnationale Beziehungen, Außen- u. Sicherheitspolitik (ATASP)

Location: Berlin

Duration: January — June 2005


Description: "I helped design and served as research assistant for a project on Transatlantic Global Governance. This involved finding and retrieving sources, editing drafts, and sitting in on project meetings.  Also, I helped develop a syllabus for Dr. Peter's summer semester course on the European Union's foreign and securit policy.  For this I did a lot of reading to decide which pieces were the best to convey certain themes.  Lastly, I edited a Festschrift in honor of Prof. Helga Haftendorn.  This involved proofreading and formatting 14 articles on translatlantic relations. I learned a lot about self-publishing a book and more than I ever wanted to know about English grammar :=).

Overall the whole experience of working here was quite eye opening...

Comments: "I gained insight into how research works, and gained research, editing and formatting skills that will always be useful.  Overall the whole experience of working here was quite eye opening, from seeing how professors create a syllabus, to attending a conference where authors from both sides of the Atlantic are trying to put together an interdisplinary book on transatlantic relations."

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