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Internship Field: Design, Lighting Design

Major: Product Design


Location: Berlin

Duration: June – September 2010


LED Lighting Design: During my time at ROOM DIVISION, I learned how to use various 3D modeling software, such as Google Sketchup and 3Ds Max, and I also learned how to make professional presentations. I spent my time designing and rendering different spaces, adding LED lighting, and creating a "feel" of what the completed space would look like. From materials to specific lighting effects, I had a voice in the decision process. In fact, one of the most amazing experiences during my internship was when I got to meet clients in person in the spaces that they wanted to renovate. I was able to talk with them directly about what they wanted to do with their spaces as well as their design preferences. In addition, I also got to directly show them my preliminary ideas for the space and receive feedback about my work. Those instances really made me feel important to the company. It also made me feel grateful that my bosses trusted me to take on these real projects as well as allowed me to incorporate my own ideas for designing the spaces they were working on.

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