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Internship Field: International Relations, Economics

Major: International Relations
Minor: Psychology

Host: Bankgesellschaft Berlin AG, Bereich Firmenkunden

Location: Berlin

Duration: 3 months, Summer 2000


Description: I worked on the possible implementation of a management strategy system that had been developed in the US. I researched in many forms and ended up making several presentations for the company, building upon specific questions they had posed. I also attended bank conferences and observed or read to gain more bank specific knowledge.

I gained people skills, research and presentation skills...

Comments: I gained people skills, research and presentation skills, and as the internship progressed the presentations kept getting bigger and more professional. I appreciated especially the personal connections I made and the cultural information with the type of work environment. Lunch discussions made my internship very real and the most helpful culturally, which I really enjoyed and looked forward to. I experienced a Major confidence boost professionally and gained knowledge about banking world in Germany. Being forced to speak and being expected to from the getgo was amazing helpful for my German, and I felt like I improved a lot or was at least a lot less hesitant to try and speak.

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