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Internship Field: Mechanical Engineering, R&D on Turbines

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Host: Siemens AG Power Generation, Turbinen- und Generatorenwerk (KWU)

Location: Mülheim an der Ruhr near Duisburg

Duration: 3 months in Summer 2005


Description: "My main task was to code several programs that would take results from our turbine simulator software (Krawal) and create graphs that can be used to evaluate the turbine performance. I learnt to use the simulator and code complex programs in Visual Basic. I worked by my self on my own pace and as a result, much of my learning came from personally playing around with the simulator. I also got a lot of training from M.W. and N.P. /supervisors/.

Apart from my main task, I had other tasks that were not so time consuming and were completed within just a few days. For instance, I had to use the turbine simulator software to see how turbines behave immediately after it has been turned on and after it has been shut down. I also coded a program that calculates the maximum allowable stresses that the turbines can take during operation.
         I learnt how to code in Visual Basic and I learnt a lot about turbines. I have a much stronger understanding of Thermodynamics now. This was also my first time doing a real internship. I learnt much about the working environment and how to interact and network with colleagues. I also learnt that I am not really very interested in the field of Thermodynamics so next time I will do something else."

German language skills: "I improved a lot but I think I could have improved so much more if I spoke more German at the work place."

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