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Internship Field: Medicine (addiction treatment)

Major: Human Biology

Host: Ambulanz für integrierte Drogenhilfe (aid Berlin)

Location: Berlin

Duration: 3 months in summer of 2015


Description: "The internship gave me shadowing experience in a field that I hope to work in in the future. One of my projects was to learn about drug addiction through observation and through reading scientific papers that were given to me at the beginning of the summer (both in German and English). My goal was to give a 4-6 minute presentation at the end of the summer on what addiction was and how it interplayed with genetics and epigenetics.

Another duty that I had was to observe the nurses and learn about the flow of the clinic. Although there was not a specific project associated with this, the more I learned about the flow, the more I got to help out. For example, I learned how to work the EKG machine."

Comments: "I thought the internship was interesting in that in drastically changed my view of addiction as well as the medical profession. Coming in I had a rather narrow view of addiction, but now I feel like I view addiction from a more critical perspective. I also originally had no intention of working with addiction medicine, but now I am strongly considering making it a part of my future medical career.

I learned a lot about German views of addiction as well as German medical politics. Also, my internship was all in German, so I felt that I improved my speaking and listening skills quite a bit."

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