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Internship Field: Design, Communication Design, Graphic Design

Major: Product Design

Host: Moniteurs GmbH Kommunikationsdesign

Location: Berlin

Duration: June – September 2008


Description: I started off my internship doing mostly menial tasks, because my skills in Adobe Creative Suite (the tools used most in the office) were not very good. I would go to coworkers on my floor to get small assignments from them. Mostly I found and edited pictures for their presentations using the Internet and Photoshop, respectively. I assisted where I could with their presentations to clients [...]. These presentations were usually made in InDesign, so I used my spare time to teach myself InDesign and also Illustrator.

After a few weeks, I found my niche working in Maxon Cinema 4d, a program used for 3d rendering and movie-making. I taught myself how to use the program from experimentation and online tutorials while working on two main projects that I did during the summer. The first was to build (virtually) and render Moniteur’s design concept for the 2009 World Expo exhibit for Zhejiang province in China. Our overall theme was that of a treasure-bowl, and I experimented in the 3D program with different forms for our 2nd round proposal. In the 3rd round, I built from schematic Moniteur’s more finished concept and made several short movies from bird’s-eye and first-person perspectives. I also used Cinema 4d to help Moniteur’s with their signage system for the future Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport. Working from floor plans and blueprints, I built sections of interest in 3d. I then imported each sign design by Moniteurs to see how they would look in their actual environment from a first-person perspective.


Personally rewarding:It was personally rewarding to become the Cinema4d “expert” in the office and being able to help others with it by the end of my internship. [...]

Living completely on my own in Berlin was an amazing and unforgettable experience. I met a lot more young, Germans than in my prior 3 months, and made some very good friends. Even though I had already been living in Berlin for three months, it was not until the time of my internship that I felt I really explored and experienced Berlin.

German language skills: To be completely honest, without the aid of German classes, my language skills worsened slightly. It was hard for me to put myself out there in the work environment. Also, my German skills were never good enough to completely understand the conversational German that I heard at work.

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