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Internship Field: Product Design, Hand Bag Design

Major: Product Design

Host: : Cover b. Ideen in Leder /OLBRISH b

Location: Berlin

Duration: 3 months in Summer 2006


Description: "Our project for the summer was to come up with four new hand bag designs for the 2007 season. Cover b was particularly interested in briefcases for this season as they have not had a new briefcase design in a long time.  We were given a workspace and some paper and pencils and basically told to go from there. Two of the interns had worked the previous summer at Cover b, so they were able to explain to me what the expectations in terms of design were."

Comments: "I felt the work was very worthwhile. The bag that we completed is now considered part of the line of bags, which is quite impressive.  I aquired a lot of new skills, most important of which was learning how to work in a ‘real’ 9-5 job. I also learned a lot of German, particularly centered around design work, and I learned how to use the CAD program and even how to manufacture leather handbags.  The most personally rewarding was attending the Frankfurt Messe and seeing our new handbag on display, and watching people pick it up and explore it."

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