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Internship Field: Computer Science, E-Commerce

Major: Symbolic Systems

Host: AG

Location: Munich

Duration: 5 months in spring and summer of 2015


Description: "Once a startup, is now one of the biggest online stores for baby and toddler products in Europe. The work culture is the right mix of German and international, with a German work ethic and American start-up style openness. In the IT department, I had the same responsibilities as a full-time software programmer. After I initially proved my worth by working on fixing bugs, I was assigned important tasks to develop completely new parts of the program. I worked on solo projects, as part of a team, and as essentially a team lead on different projects. I gained a lot of experience in different types of programming, including how to use an MVC framework, a Mongo database, SQL tables, and SOLR indexes. These are all valuable skills. Most importantly, I gained experience as to how a big company sets up its IT department, and I learned how to work as part of a large team."

Comments: "I gained great experience working as a computer programmer. It was my first job in the IT field and I learned a great deal about the industry. I got to work alongside fantastic coworkers and learned a lot from them and the work at hand. Also, Munich is beautiful, and very different from Berlin. I grew to love Bavarian and German culture and enjoyed interacting with new people. My roommates came from all over Europe so it was great to speak and learn about their countries. I believe that I matured as a person as well, as living on your own for five months is no easy task."

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