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Internship Field: Psychology, Medicine

Major: Psychology, German

Host: Klinik für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie, Bezirkskrankenhaus Landshut

Location: Landshut (Bavaria)

Duration: 3 months, Summer 2001



Description: I spent the bulk of my time with the children, whether during therapies, on field trips, at mealtimes, testing their abilities, playing games, doing sports, in conversation, or going through daily routines (morning circle, the weekly clean-up). I attended and participated in the weekly "Fortbildung" (discussion of advances in psychology and psychiatry), as well as the small- and large-group meetings to discuss and analyze the behavior and progress of the children. I made observations of the children's behavior and recorded entries in their files. I helped with some psychological testing of the children, and the evaluation of double-blind Ritalin experiments. I worked with several age groups in the sport therapies, but primarily with the pre-school group (ages 4-6) and the school group (ages 7-10). I also attended the parenting sessions designed to teach parents how to interact more effectively and positively with their behaviorally disturbed children."


Comments: "I got an excellent sense of what psychiatry in action is like, and this exposure to applied psychology gave new relevance and perspective to my studies of the discipline back at Stanford. I also learned to hone several personal skills, namely my own self-reliance, flexibility, patience, and observational prowess. (...) I found the nuances of the German work environment very different to those I had previously encountered in America, and I loved the chance to notice, remark upon, and explore our cultural differences. I discovered that I was well able to assimilate to their ways of doing things, and that I enjoyed the change of pace."

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