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Internship Field: Vehicle Construction, Mechanical Engineering

Major: Mechanical Engineering
German Studies

Host: Paravan GmbH

Location: Pfronstetten-Aichelau (south-east of Stuttgart)

Duration: June – September 2008


Description: My work was divided into two distinct sections. For the first part of my internship I was given a project, which was designing a new frame for a prototype van, as I neared completion with this project the other engineer left for a three-week vacation. During this period I assumed many of his duties and designed and/or altered several products.

Comments: Both the projects I was given and the responsibilities that I was trusted with were very worthwhile. The projects themselves correlate directly with what I am studying and hope to do with my life. The company actually placed an enormous amount of responsibility on my shoulders but it was appreciated as I truly felt as though I was part of the team when I was working there. As for the skills I acquired; I not only improved my German rapidly, I became more proficient with various CAD programs, and gained confidence in my own abilities to design and manufacture components.

Personally rewarding: Nearly every portion of the internship was rewarding as it correlates directly with what I want to do as a career. However living in the small village where I was located and making friends with my co-workers and the other German speakers was rewarding on a different albeit equally important level.

German language skills: The internship was 75-80% in German so my German progressed quickly.

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