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Internship Field: Art, Performance

Major: History
German Studies

Host: plan b performance

Location: Berlin

Duration: June – August 2008



Description: I was essentially a second pair of hands and at times eyes for Plan B’s projects. I went to two Eastern German cities which were incredible experiences to help them complete two projects that they had been working on for the past six months to a year. I was able to see how an art festival is put on and learn a lot about the current art being produced in and around Berlin. A lot of the work I did did not end up being particularly intellectually rigorous, but I found the work that I was surrounded by very stimulating, thought provoking and appropriate for my own, personal intellectual development.

Personally rewarding: Seeing first hand the workings of an artistic community and seeing how site-specific work is thought out, conceived of and executed. [...] I was able to meet many different artists currently producing work in Berlin and Germany and that was very rewarding.


German language skills: I was working primarily in English, and my internship with was two native English speakers. However, when we went to the festivals most everything was in german and so I was spending 24 hours a day surrounded by. This was very helpful. Also, Dan and Sophia would often speak German throughout the day, so I had a fair amount of exposure considering the circumstances.

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