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Internship Field: History, Cultural Studies, Humanities, Social Sciences

Major: Economics with honors in Humanities

Host: Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung, TU Berlin

Location: Berlin

Duration: 4 weeks, Summer 2000. (This internship was part of preparing for a second part: research on the passion play in Oberammergau.)


Description: Because I was only at the Center for four weeks, they couldn't really give me any substantially large project, and so I had many small projects to complete. I did some translations, read and reviewed a book, did some filing, and documented archival materials.

Comments: "I was able to spend a lot of my time going through their materieals pertinent to my honors research. While it was helpful for me to be able to do this, the work itself was legitimately necessary for the Center as well. ... My internship allowed me to work on my German, as that was the language we spoke in the office and at lunch. I was able to look into the world of academia in Germany. I think what was most rewarding was meeting my fellow intern and talking with him about his experiences as a young German."

"The biggest problem I had with this internship was the nature of the topics I had to deal with on a day-to-day basis. I didn't realize before entering into this internship that the topic material would be so personally emotionally draining. I went through a lot of propaganda material and personal memoirs from the Holocaust period, and a lot of it was really just depressing."

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