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Internship Field: Political Science, Sociology

Majors: Political Science, Sociology

Host: Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen (Landesverband)

Location: Berlin

Duration: 3 months, Winter 2001


Description: "Between 'Plenarsitzungen', 'Fraktionssitzungen'. 'Ausschüssen', 'Arbeitskreisen' and other appointments, I was kept busy shadowing a politician in her daily schedule. I also undertook whatever small tasks I could (usually internet research or preparing documents to be mailed) and had an independent research project that I worked on using the office's resources and materials."

Comments: earned a lot about 'real' politics, green ideas, and personal relationsships that are of international importance. (...) This internship deepened my interest in politics and social issues. (...) It showed me a lot about the idea of social consciousness and has given me social ideas which I will take back to the US and hopefully put into use in my career."

NOTE by the internship coordinator: In the past, we had also other rewarding internships with other political parties and organizations.

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