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Internship Field: Interior Design, Lighting Design

Major: Product Design

Host: Room Division GmbH

Location: Berlin

Duration: 3 months in summer of 2015


Description: "My duties could be separated into two categories. The first category included everything done within the office, which included a lot of computer work. I had to be proficient in a variety of software platforms, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, and SketchUp. A lot of the work we did in the office was for preparation and design. Some duties I had included doing visualizations, modeling rooms, and designing graphics for the client. One large project I had included using and programming an Arduino board to make a motion-activated speaker as a prototype for a client.

The second category of work I had was the physical labor involved in constructing and setting up the lighting designs. Some of this work was done in the large warehouse and the rest was done at the site (mostly clubs). Some duties included building structures, soldering electrical components, moving heavy equipment, handling tools, and generally being available as a handyman when needed. I would say that 60% of my time was in the office and 40% of my time was spent building and being on my feet."

Comments: "The internship gave me a lot of confidence. I was very intimidated at the beginning by the idea of working in a foreign country, in another language, and in such a fast-pace, demanding work environment. Although I did fail a few times, I learned that failure was not so bad, and that it made me feel 'connected' to my work. I was able to succeed in a few personal projects and assignments, and it made me realize that I was able to be a positive presence in the workspace. I was able to show off my personality, my skills and talents, my knowledge and opinions to a totally foreign world, which makes me proud. Not only did I learn a lot from Berlin, but I was able to give back to Berlin too."

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