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Tracy Roberts

Field: Education, History

Major: International Relations

Host: Leibniz-Schule Berlin

Duration: 3 months in summer 2018

Job title: Assistant-Teacher for the English Department


Job description:I helped with grading any papers that the students had done in class. I worked in small groups during classes for students who needed closer and more focused English instruction. I worked with students after school that wanted additional language help and practice. I helped develop research and a general curriculum outline for a new and upcoming unit for the Grade 7 teachers. I supervised students while they attended their Model UN conferences in Berlin. I helped students prepare for their school-wide debate and judged some of the competitions. I executed any lessons that some of the teachers had prepared when they would miss a lesson. I planned and facilitated multiple lessons for Grade 9 students. I oversaw and edited students working on their newspaper book report. There was so much room for executing my ideas and agency over some of the classrooms that I did not expect. All of the teachers that I worked with were so willing to have me there to help and participate that it made it such a worthwhile experience.

I learned so much about lesson planning and execution. I learned about different classroom management styles. I learned about small group work and multiple class group work. I observed different lessons with different structures and was able to attend a seminar with teacher-trainees that are working throughout Berlin and felt like I gained much insight to the life of a young student. I wholeheartedly believe that I gained valuable skills and experience that I will use later in my teaching career.

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