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Justin Wilck

Field: International Relations, Journalism

Major/minors: English, German Studies, Ethics in Society

Host: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik (DGAP)

Duration: 3 months in summer 2018

Job title: Editorial Intern


Job description:The Berlin Policy Journal (BPJ) is a publication hosted within the German Council on Foreign Relations. BPJ is a mix between a bimonthly journal of political analysis and a blog called The Latest, which publishes more frequently on current politics. During my time at BPJ, we produced two issues. The July/August issue was focused on the topic of Artificial Intelligence with several subtopics, such as Chinese energy development, NATO, populism in Hungary, and governance in Ukraine. The September/October issue was focused on German and European defense with the subtopics of Brexit, global migration, drone developments, and political developments in Turkey.

I had numerous responsibilities on the editorial team. For blog posts in The Latest, I would often proofread and copy edit articles before they would go up. For the bimonthly issues, I translated pieces from German to English, conducted research and fact checked, revised pieces, and chose the header pictures for individual articles. I gained exposure to the entire editorial process, from choosing a topic, soliciting articles, editing pieces, and finally publishing pieces. Once the editorial process was finished, I was often in charge of promoting the content that we published, managing our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. In the social media role, I promoted the content that we had recently published - either in The Latest or from our newest issue - in addition to content from prior issues that was relevant to the modern political landscape.

The most interesting part was probably the ability to work on an article, directly in InDesign or on the Website portal, and to see the results publicly available and visible on the internet/through the app. Having a product go fully from a raw idea to a final product was very rewarding.

See also his report "Finding the Cutting Edge: A Summer in Berlin Journalism" in: Briefe aus Berlin 2018, pp. 13-14 in our download section.

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