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Yunha Hwang

Field: Environmentalism, Development

Majors: Computer Science, Earth Systems

Host: adelphi research GmbH

Duration: 3 months in summer 2017

Job title: Project Assistant


Job description: I worked on water related projects. My daily work would include writing proposals, finding grants and funding sources, writing feasibility studies, proof reading co-workers works, conducting cost and benefit analysis, a couple meetings per week, teleconference with international partners.

Two of the big projects I worked on were subsurface water resource management in Vietnam and China, and drinking water treatment in a small remote village in India.

I learned that being an adult in the real world is much harder socially. It is harder to make friends and maintain relationships. At Stanford, you are pushed into situations that are conducive to socialising and networking. In real life, it requires a lot more effort.

I think my German definitely improved. I understand more and I can read a lot better. But my speaking requires more investment because my German interactions were more passive than active.

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