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Robin Willscheidt

Field: Arts, Project Development

Major/minor: Political Science, Art/ Art History

Host: The WYE, plan b performance

Duration: 3 months in summer 2017

Job titles: artistic assistant and content manager; content understudy, research assistant


Job description:

THE WYE: I did mainly background research, in English and German, for project proposals ranging from contemporary art in Berlin to current blockchain, audio analysis and health care technologies. In addition, I helped develop strategy for and designed/ created/ proofread and assessed notes and presentations /compiled information and data for a number of these proposals. I attended meetings and proposal sessions, gave input, and took notes. With the projects my boss had going, I worked on marketing strategy and content creation. I identified targets and implemented aggressive social media marketing strategy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Content creation included some basic web coding, sponsor deck creation, and writing pieces for the website, among other things. I was the resident problem solver - whether translation issues, web or newsletter glitches, deficits in the bookkeeping, I tried to figure out solutions. The company needs a variety of different things at different times, given the variety of projects they work on.

plan b performance: I did a variety of things for plan b. I assessed weaknesses and created content for their website, wrote reviews of their workshop, and researched/ wrote a proposal for and created a mockup in InDesign of a book of their work. I assisted in running one a workshop for the summer semester at Akademie der Künste in my first week. My work included a lot of research in English and German; additionally, I did some writing in German and translation work. A large portion of my work was focused on preparing an exhibition - from planning to ideation, funding, and creation of art pieces. Among other things, I created a scale model of the exhibition space for planning, researched weaving/ tapestry and rug techniques, looked into funding and did cost calculation, researched where we could find materials, and printed mock-ups. Near the end of my time, I began actually creating the artwork using a latch-hook technique and testing a variety of different working methods.

Comments: Both assignements werer profitable in networking alone. I met a number of important individuals in the art and tech worlds - and beyond. Also, I now understand the more formal requirements of working with bigger companies, which will be useful in the future.

Both of my internships were primarily in English; however, I did do some writing/ translation, did quite a bit of research in German, and spoke German while venue scouting, etc. My spoken skills did not significantly advance, but my writing, reading and vocabulary continued to improve.

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