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Julia Wagenfehr

Field: Architecture, Urban Development

Major/minor: Architectural Design, German Studies

Host: Duane Phillips Architektur und Städtebau

Duration: 3 months in summer 2017

Job title: Architecture Intern


Job description: I worked on four projects. For two of the projects, I used a 3D drawing program called SketchUP to create 3D models of the buildings. This helped the clients better visualize the desired end result.

For the next two projects, I used AutoCAD. It took a while to become adjusted to this program because it was entirely in German, and the program is command based. But after that I got a hang of it, everything went smoothly. I worked on laying out a new town development on the northern coast of Germany, and for the last project I converted the existing plans and elevations for a house style so that they met the German Mauerwerk [stonework] standards.

On Fridays, my boss gave me a list of buildings to see in Berlin, and sent me out in the city to explore. I feel these personal field trips were very useful, because I got a sense of the envelope spaces created in the courtyards in Berlin. This sense of urbanism would be difficult to acquire if I were to only stay in the office. Overall, I now have a better understanding of what an architect actually does in the real world.

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