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Jean-Christophe Perrin

Field: Engineering, Product Development

Major: Mechanical Engineering


Duration: 3 months in summer 2017

Job title: Embedded Systems Intern


Job description: I worked in the Embedded Systems team on a couple of different projects. In all projects, KIWI gave me room to design my own deliverables and decide on the direction of the project.

The most significant project that I worked on was to design a prototype for a new electronics case for a component of KIWI's system. To do so, I worked with a colleague to research transformers and antennas, then worked on my own in CADD to prototype many different options for cases. At the conclusion of the project, I submitted full detailed technical drawings of the case, a 3D printed prototype of the case, and tables of researched components with a recommendation of which to integrate into the circuit.

Another project I worked on was to reverse-engineer a wall mounted safe that KIWI wanted to produce and to draft technical drawings of the safe. I did this in an online CADD program called OnShape and handed off uncomplete technical drawings to my colleague at the end of my internship.

The final significant project that I worked on was designing and testing an analogue circuit used for QA in the Embedded Systems team. Essentially, I was given a black box model of the circuit (what should the output be given this input) and left to my own devices to create something that would reliably and safely create the desired functionality.

Comment: This internship gave me the opportunity to work independently in a professional setting and prove that I can manage a large multi-faceted project on my own.

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