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Danielle Nguyen

Field: Economics, Asset Analytics

Major/minor: Electrical Engineering, Economics

Host: Cassantec GmbH

Duration: 3 months in summer 2017

Job title: Business and Software Engineering Intern


Job description: Developed Java genetic algorithm for prognostication of remaining useful life of industrial assets. Worked with CEO, COO, and other employees to develop analytics platform, creating a Product Requirements Document and scoping out potential vendors.

Helped to create front-end configurations based on client data. Translated documents from German to French and English. Traveled around Germany and Switzerland to meet with clients for configuration workshops.

Created business cases for different industrial assets by assessing effectiveness of the Cassantec solution in the market size.

Comments: Because I worked in a small startup, I was exposed to a variety of tasks from different coworkers. I did a bit of coding, learned about all the roles that intertwine for a small startup to function. It was rewarding to see the work that I was doing apply directly to the customer's benefit in on-site configuration meetings. It was also exciting to practice my German in business meetings. I also enjoyed getting to know my colleagues more through dinners and taking German lessons together.

The internship helped give me practical experience in coding, and helped me realize what gaps in my knowledge and experience I want to fill in with classes during junior year. It also helped me to see the whole picture of how a company runs, and confirmed my interest in pursuing a technical undergraduate degree and then attending business school.

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